Q: Will my partner see what I have answered in the questionnaire?
A: No. Pairbuilding focuses on you as a couple. The results you will see will show your combined results. Below you can see an example.

Q: Will our e-mail addresses be used for any other purpose?

A: No. We do not share any of your data with third parties. We will use e-mails only to send you information related to Pairbuilding, including the link to the questionnaire and your results.

Q: What does the questionnaire look like?
A: The questionnaire “Shared Horizons” consists of 30 statements describing your attitude to your partner and your relationship, such as: „We understand each other well” or „I really value the presence of my partner in my life”. You choose how much you agree or disagree with teach statement. When you both complete the questionnaire, the system will send you the results (your decisions will remain a secret – we do not share individual results or answers to individual questions).

Q: Who is Pairbuilding aimed at?
A: It is for all couples who are interested in building a relationship that connects them. Your age, the length of your relationship  and the form of your relationship (marriage, informal relationship, etc.) does not matter.

Q: What games are waiting for us?
A: All the games were designed specifically for Pairbuilding by a team of psychologists who are graduates of the University of Warsaw. By combining their many years of experience in designing teambuilding training and games (as well as  informal education and coaching) they have  created games that are also fun. These games have elements of cooperation and competition. They will allow you to develop your  relationship. The topics and tasks are chosen for you based upon your test results. They are 100% safe as you decide how deeply you want to explore the subjects and you can always stop.

Q: Can Pairbuilding solve our relationship problems?
A: We can’t promise that. It will give you the opportunity to look again at your relationship and get to know yourself and your partner better. You will also get to talk about what is important for both of you.

Q: How long does Pairbuilding last?
A: Pairbuilding “Mission One” consists of:  filling in questionnaires (about 20 minutes in total), choosing the date and playing the games prepared for you (60 to 90 minutes).Depending on the speed of your passing through the subsequent stages and the dates available in a given period, it usually takes about 2 weeks from the moment of purchase to the end of the process.

Q: Is Pairbuilding available in other cities than Warsaw?
A: Not yet. But we hope to expand to other cities  in the future.

Q: Is Pairbuilding available in languages other than Polish?
A: We are working on the English version now. The free test is available in English already.

Q: I want to give my partner a surprise. Can I fill in both questionnaires myself and bring him / her to Pairbuilding?
A: No. Since you both form your relationship, you need the perspectives of both people to get a reliable picture of it.

Q: We are in a happy relationship and we get along well. Can we find something for ourselves in Pairbuilding?
A: Of course! Pairbuilding is a great experience  for every couple which are  open to each other and can serve to strengthen your relationship and act as an inspiration to deepen it.

Q: Where did the idea for Pairbuilding come from?
A: In the pursuit of the next deadline, additional activities and trips, there is little time for dating and developing relationships – especially if you  have been together for some time, and increasingly a routine is sneaking into your lives. That’s why by  combining our  psychological knowledge about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the methodologies of game design we have created the Pairbuilding experience. You will spend a pleasant time together and you will be able to deepen your relationship.

Q: Why games?
A: There are many reasons. First of all the games are fun! They let you break away from everyday chores and by playing and solving them you will have a  great new experience. Secondly, they leave a lot of  freedom regarding the way they are played (what is not forbidden, is allowed!) – therefore it depends on you how your game will look and how much you will take from this experience.

Q: How should I dress for my date-game?
A: There are no indications or contraindications as to the dress code. During „Pairbuilding – Mission One”, you will be invited to one of the restaurants in Warsaw. Dress up like for any other date with your loved one 🙂